His thought on Literature :


I, Mohsin Abbas Vasi, son of Abbas Abdulali Vasi "Mareez" have great pleasure in presenting the website of my father, a well-known Gujarati Shayar, known as "Ghalib of Gujarat." My sister, Lulua has also put in her efforts. This website is created with a view to give a clear picture about his life.

People dont like their personal affairs to be known to all. Thus he said the following :

Ahin badhana jeevan ma anek parda che

Ahin khudana veena koi benakaab nathi


Badhana same na eno prachar karo "Mareez"

Jeevan keetab kai Allaha ni kitab nathi

To support this he wrote in Aagman :


"Maara angat jeevan ne maara chahako e emni chhahna ma vachhe avva nathi didhu, e emni kheldili che ane hawe jyare maru angat jeevan ane jaaher jeevan samaan kaksha par vahan kare che tyare mara antar ni abhilasha ej che ke mari gazalon nu vaanchan te o ej dhrashti e kare."

In his life span, he wrote two books :


One was AAGMAN  and another was NAKSHA (published after his death).


He also wrote MARASHIYAS on IMAM HUSSAIN & other religious subjects named AQIDAT. Some of his religious work has been narrated in this website.




Another book "HUR (AS)", was about a brave warrior, the first martyr who  laid down his life on IMAM HUSSAIN (AS).  


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This website has been created by his immediate family members, mainly :


his son Mohsin


his daughter Lulua


his grandsons Juzer & Anis


Fatemaben Madraswala (Mumbai) for creation of website


Mr Sashikant Bhai Naik (Ahmedabad) for Gujarati work compliance.


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This website is created with a view to give a clear picture about his life, literature & philosophy covering various aspects of human life.


It is an attempt to clear certain doubts and misconceptions which prevailed about the poet.


Website launched on 19th Oct 2009, his 26th Death Anniversary.


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